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Hawkgirl: The Maw

Kendra Saunders was a young woman who committed suicide. But when her soul left her body, she was reanimated by the spirit of Princess Chay-Ara of Egypt. Kendra awoke with all of her own memories intact, but with no memories of her previous lives. Her grandfather, the adventurer Speed Saunders, recognized her transformation and trained Kendra to become the new Hawkgirl!

Hawkman is gone, and now Hawkgirl is out to make a name for herself in the city of St. Roch! But strange things keep happening in Hawkgirl's civilian life. Is it all part of a dream, or has she awakened an ancient horror deep beneath the walls of the St. Roch museum?

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Количество страниц 168
Тип товара Комикс
Страна производителя США
Язык Английский
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